Holan's MMA and Jiu Jitsu in Irving

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MMA Fitness Classes for Adult/Teen Men and Women

Schedule and Pricing Information

Also Check out our Kids and Adult Jiu-Jitsu Classes:

Please call 972-258-8333 to register for a FREE Class.


Our MMA Fitness Classes:

  • Great for men, women, and teenagers of all ages
  • Taught by TKD Black Belt Ruben Davila
  • Designed with fitness in mind, not fighting
  • Three classes a week; see our schedule for further information

What it Focuses on at a Glance:

  • A Great Full Body Work-Out
  • Cardio/Endurance Training
  • Boxing and Kick Boxing Style Drills
  • Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Tae Kwon Do Instruction
  • Strength and Core Training
  • Basic Grappling Techniques

Benefits of MMA Fitness Classes:

  • Weight loss and weight control
  • Reduced muscle fatigue
  • Increased Lean Body Mass
  • Increased Energy Levels and Overall Health
  • Increased Overall Endurance
  • Increased Athleticism
  • Increased Mental and Physical Stamina 
  • Added Bonus: Self Defense Training



Seeing is Believeing: View Photos of our MMA Class Here!

  Mon Tue Wed  Thur Fri Sat
11:00           All TKD Class
12:00           All Sparring
Adult Jiu Jitsu
1:00           MMA
5:00 Beginner TKD Child TKD Beginner TKD Child TKD Beginner TKD  
Kids Jiu Jitsu Kids Jiu Jitsu Kids Jiu Jitsu
5:15-5:45   Lil Dragons   Lil Dragons    
6:00-6:30 Lil Dragons   Lil Dragons      
6:15 Beginner TKD Beginner TKD Beginner TKD Beginner TKD    
Child Sparring

Black Belt

6:10         Teen/Adult TKD  
Adult Jiu Jitsu
6:30 Teen/Adult TKD Adult Jiu Jitsu G-Force Practice Adult Jiu Jitsu    
7:30 Black Belt Class Adult Jiu Jitsu Teen/Adult TKD Teen/Adult TKD    
MMA MMA Adult Jiu Jitsu

 Pricing Information

For additional Information Please Call 972-258-8333 for Irving.

**Family discounts are available.

**Family discounts are available.

MMA Rules

black belt shop