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Family Training

  Are you looking for an activity to do with your child that you'll both enjoy: Try Martial Arts!
  What is Family Training?
  • Family training at Texas Karate Do allows for you and your child to take class together
  • You can Family Train with a child as young as 6 years old in American Karate and 10 in Jiu-Jitsu
  • Classes can either be in our American Karate or Jiu-Jitsu  programs
  • If your child is over the age of 10 then they are allowed to attend the adult class with you
  • If your child is under the age of 10 then you are welcomed to attend the children's class with them
  • Both classes teach the same curriculum so you do not have to worry about either you or your child missing out
  • Family Discounts are available please call 972-258-8333 for more information.
  The Benefits of Family Training
  • Family Training even a few times a week is associated with greater emotional bonding within a family unit.
  • Family Training promotes feelings of togetherness with your children.
  • Family Training puts children and parents on equal ground: It is something new that neither one of you knows anything about, so you are affectively experiencing something new together.
  • Children whose parents spend time with them doing a goal oriented activity like family training, tend to have better academic performance in school.
  • Adolescents and teenagers whose parents are involved in their lives tend to exhibit fewer behavioral problems.
  • Adolescents and teenagers who family train tend to have closer relationships with their parents.
  • Adolescents and teenagers who family train are less likely to engage in violence.
  • Participating in family activities such as family training promotes physical, emotional, mental and social development in children.
  • Family Training relieves stress for both the parent and child.
  • Family Training connects a family through a common goal.
  • Family Training builds memories that will last you and your child a life time.
  To learn more about the benefits of Karate for your child and yourself specifically visit our Children's Class Page or our Adult Class Page.
  Green = Children Class Times

Yellow = Adult Class Times

  Mon Tue Wed  Thur Fri Sat
11:00           All TKD Class
12:00           All Sparring
Jiu Jitsu
1:00           MMA
4-4:50 Beginner TKD Beginner TKD Beginner TKD Beginner TKD    
5:00 Child TKD Child TKD Child TKD Child TKD Child TKD  
Kids Jiu Jitsu Kids Jiu Jitsu Kids Jiu Jitsu
5:15-5:45   Lil Dragons   Lil Dragons    
6:00-6:30 Lil Dragons   Lil Dragons      
6:05-7:05   Yellow-Blue Sparring        
6:10-7:10         Teen/Adult TKD  
Jiu Jitsu
6:15 Beginner TKD   Beginner TKD Beginner TKD    
Black Belt
6:30 Teen/Adult TKD Jiu Jitsu G-Force Practice Jiu Jitsu    
7:10-8:10   Purple-Black Sparring        
7:30 Black Belt Class Jiu Jitsu Teen/Adult TKD Teen/Adult TKD    
MMA MMA Jiu Jitsu

 Pricing Information

Pricing starts at $75 per a month for one person. Family Discounts are available, please call 972-258-8333 for more information.

3 Karate Classes a Week w/ 6-12 Month Contract (Ages 6 and up)*

$75-85.00 per a month

BJJ/MMA Classes w/ 6-12 Month Contract (Ages 6 and up)

$100-125.00 per a month

MMA Classes Only w/ 6-12 Month Contract (Ages 10 and up)

$79-89.00 per a month

Lil Dragons w/ 3 Month Contract (2 Day a Week Class for Ages 4-5)

$60 per a month

Gym Membership No Contract

$20-30 per a month

Enrollment Fee (Waived if you sign up same day as trial)


Black Belt Test Fee


Colored Belt Test Fee


*Only one class per a day.

**Family discounts are available.

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