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Green Belt Escape Techniques:

  1. Escaping Ram (escape from rear bear hug w/ arms pinned)
  2. Thrusting Release (escape from front bear hug w/ arms pinned)
  3. Separating the Tiger (escape from a 2 hand collar grab)
  4. Captured Wing (escape from a Hammer Lock)

#1       Escaping Ram

Setup: Choke hold


-         wrap right arm over opponent’s left arm and bring left hand under until knuckles touch each other so that arms are wrapped around opponent’s left arm.

-         shift direction by lifting left elbow and lowering right elbow

-         elbow to head

#2        Thrusting Release

Setup: bear hug front


-         head butt opponent’s head,  knee to groin

-         put arms on opponents chest and push yourself back

-         front kick

#3        Separating the Tiger

Setup: bear hug from back


-         head butt backwards

-         drop your weight by quickly bending at the knees while bringing both arms up

-         push butt backwards forcing opponent to release

-         back kick

#4        Captured Wing

Setup: opponent grabs your right arm behind your back


-         Using your right hand (the one that has been grabbed), grab opponent’s wrist

-         Left elbow to head

-         Twist opponents arm

-         Side kick

-         Bring opponents arm further down

-         Front snap kick to head


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