Holan's MMA and Jiu Jitsu in Irving

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Fun Stuff

It's Not All About Training!


Mr. Holan, Ms. Becky and Mr. Mario

Karate Kid Premiere

Chuck Norris and Ernie Reyes



Mike Swain and Master Holan

Mr. David and Grant

Mr. David


Mike Chat and Mr. Holan

Roland Osborne and Mr. Holan


      Miss Becky at Scarborough Fair Master Holan and Mr. Thomas Carrying Mr. Preston

Bo Staff Seminar January 14th, 2012


     Snow Man Contest!  Feb. 10th, 2010





In Front of the Dojo

Master Holan's unhappy Dog, Monty

Kevin Throwing Snow Balls



It's Okay! He's got his shoes off.

Daniela's Snowman




Snowman on Master Holan's Car

Kevin and Frosty

Mr. David's Snow Monster



Davisha's Snowman

Bailey and Mason plus Red Belt Snowman  
      Grapevine Open House July 2007    
      4th of July Parade 2005    

Meet the Troops 2007


black belt shop